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Kensington security products can be ordered through this web site or by calling us at 1-888-807-0888. These items must be pre-paid or credit card orders.

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Desktop MicroSaver® Universal Security System

Easy-to-install Desktop MicroSaver® serves as a strong physical and visual deterrent to theft to protect all your equipment. Secures up to three pieces of computer or office equipment. Steel cable ?daisy chains? individual items together, or anchors everything to one location. Specially designed security plates bond to equipment or desktop surfaces; super-strength glue withstands up to 750 pounds of pull. Link additional Desktop MicroSaver® as security needs grow. Six-foot steel cable, keyed lock.

  • Keeps computers and peripherals safe.
  • Strong steel cable daisy-chains components together with security plates.
  • Can also anchor components to desktop.
  • Can be custom keyed, please call for more information.
Model Number: 64162
MSRP: $49.99
Our Price: $29.99

Features and Benefits

Protects--cable and lock device secures desktop computers and other valuable office hardware
Universal--plates attach to any office equipment without relying on manufacturer-installed equipment
Resists attack--dome shaped plates defy attempts to remove through wrenching, hammering and prying.
Creates a physical and visual theft deterrent
Easy to use
Cost effective

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