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Security Awareness e-Booklets

A new way to teach awareness to your organization! For organizations who like to be on the cutting edge, we introduce our new security awareness e-booklets. A great way to deliver awareness training or to help strengthen your primary training method and the overall awareness program.

Introducing new technologies can help keep interest in the learning process. Customization helps maximize user acceptance of the training. The booklet provides ample room to present your contact information, where to find organization policies, important intranet addresses and even a message of commitment from management.

e-Booklets can be read online or offline and are fun to use.

Call SAI today to discuss how security awareness e-booklets can help teach your staff to protect your information resources.

Topics Covered
  • Introduction to Information Security
    • What are information resources?
    • What is information security?
    • Your responsibility
    • Consequences of poor security
    • Areas of concern
  • Passwords
    • The importance of passwords
    • Creating a better password
    • Password management
  • E-Mail & Internet Usage
    • Hazards of e-mail
    • Viruses and suspicious attachments
    • Spam, hoaxes & chain letters
    • Malicious code
    • Safe surfing
    • Appropriate usage


  • PC Security
    • PC theft
    • The value of data
    • Securing your PC
    • On the road
    • Unauthorized access to data
  • Data Confidentiality
    • The information around us
    • Keeping it secure
    • Office Security
    • Social engineering
    • Dumpster diving
    • Proper data destruction
    • Eavesdropping
    • Security during conversation

Benefits and Features
  • Customizable
  • Can link to intranet-based policies
  • Easy implementation
  • Can be read offline
  • Fun method of learning for users
  • Includes linked table of contents
  • Printable contents
  • Authoring software available at additional cost

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