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Product Implementation Tips

To help make sure you get the most out of your awareness product purchases we've put together some tips to help ensure a successful implementation. Some general tips are listed below while links to product specific tips are listed in the left- and right-hand columns.

General Tips

  • Confirm management's commitment to providing a security-aware culture by formally announcing your awareness program from a high management level.
  • Ensure existing security policies and procedures are current, complete and have been announced to all staff.
  • Lead by example. For instance, a new user is more likely to choose secure passwords if the initial password assigned to him is strong and unique like 'yT56Bc3c' rather than something weak and common like 'welcome'.
  • Demonstrate management's continuing commitment through follow-up procedures such as (see our Free Material page to aid with the following):
    • routine desk checks,
    • before and after awareness measurement quizzes, and
    • checking for poor network passwords.
  • Illustrate the importance of secure practices by making regular announcements of actual external security breaches that happened due to poor security awareness.
  • Consider including security awareness as part of the formal evaluation process.
  • Consider implementing a security improvement suggestion program to further demonstrate management's commitment.

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