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This table lists a number of information security mailing lists to which you can subscribe. Mailing lists can provide timely and valuable alerts, news and information.

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Mailing List Description Subscription Info
Bugtraq Discussion of Unix security holes To: listserv@netspace.org
Body: subscribe bugtraq
CERT Advisory Computer Emergency Response Team To: cert-advisory-request@cert.org
Body: subscribe cert-advisory <email>
CIAC Bulletin The U.S. Department of Energy: Computer Incident Advisory Capability bulletins To: majordomo@rumpole.llnl.gov
Body: subscribe ciac-bulletin
Cisco Security Announcements Cisco security issues

To: majordomo@cisco.com
Body: subscribe cust-security-announce

COAST/CERIA Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security http://www.cerias.purdue.edu/index.html
Cryptogram Cryptography To: crypto-gram-subscribe@chaparraltree.com
Cypherpunks Discussion on encryption To: majordomo@toad.com
Body: subscribe cypherpunks
Firewall-1 Checkpoint's Firewall-1 discussion digest To: majordomo@lists.us.checkpoint.com
Body: subscribe fw-1-mailinglist-digest
Firewalls Firewall related discussion list To: majordomo@lists.gnac.net
Body: subscribe firewalls
Firewalls Digest Digest version of Firewalls To: majordomo@lists.gnac.net
Body: subscribe firewalls-digest
Intrusion Detection Systems IDS related announcements To: majordomo@iss.net
Body: subscribe ids
ISS Alerts ISS vulnerability notices To: majordomo@iss.net
Body: subscribe alerts
ISS Forum ISS product related discussion To: majordomo@iss.net
Body: subscribe iss-forum
ITL Bulletins Information Technology Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. To: mailserv@nist.gov
Body: subscribe itl-bulletin
LACC Legal Aspects of Computer Crime To: majordomo@suburbia.net
Body: subscribe lacc
Linux security Linux related security issues To: listproc@bnl.gov
Body: subscribe linus-sec-l <email>
Microsoft Security Notification Microsoft product related security alerts To: listserv@announce.microsoft.com
Body: subscribe microsoft_security
NT Security ISS NT security discussion To: majordomo@iss.net
Body: subscribe ntsecurity
Risks Digest Risk issues and articles To: risks-request@csl.sri.com
Body: subscribe
SANS System Administration, Networking, and Security To: sans@clark.net
Send e-mail requesting subscription
ISS Security Discussion ISS security discussion To: majordomo@iss.net
Body: subscribe security
SecuriTeam SecuriTeam discussion list To: list-subscribe@securiteam.com
Virus-L Virus discussion To: listserv@lehigh.edu
Body: subscribe virus-l <name>
If you know of a mailing list that would be beneficial to our readers please send subscription information to webmaster@securityawareness.com
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