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It is more important than you think to make sure your laptop computer does not end up in the wrong hands.

If you purchased a laptop for personal use, you are probably very protective of it, most likely because of the cost to replace it. You also understand the hassle of re-creating the information stored on that laptop ... personal files, pictures, contact information, calendars, etc.

What about the security risk that information represents? Could a thief use your laptop to access your bank account details or social security number? The value of the information ON a laptop is usually much greater than the cost OF the laptop itself.

If your laptop was provided by your employer, the security risk is even greater. Stolen laptops may contain confidential company information (like employee salaries, new product plans or financial details). Stored passwords may enable thieves to hack into the company's network, where they can do even greater damage, perhaps even endangering your job. In fact, an FBI study revealed that 57% of all network breaches originate from stolen computers! (see other statistics about theft here). It pays to look after your company-provided laptop just as carefully as you would if you'd bought it yourself!

Kensington makes security products to help individuals and corporations prevent the theft of notebooks and other devices. The Kensington MicroSaver® security cable is as easy to use as a bike lock, and is the security standard for many companies worldwide.

Kensington devices can be custom keyed, please call for more information.


Nearly all notebook computers sold today include the Kensington security slot

Creates a physical and visual theft deterrent

Easy to use

Cost effective

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