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  • Nicely styled in solid oak
  • Durable construction
  • Changing posters is a snap
  • Choice of three color

Color Selection

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Poster Frames

You already know that posters are a great tool for promoting awareness. Shouldn't you display them elegantly within your organization? For your convenience, we have made arrangements with a leading manufacturer of oak frames. They have created a custom line of frames designed specifically for our posters.

These frames look great in any setting. Display your posters in a professional manner and make changing them a snap. The top edge of the frame is attached to the plexiglass display shield and slides into grooves on the left and right frame edges. This makes it very easy to periodically change your awareness posters.


Honey frame sample

  • $30 each
  • Shipping Included

Benefits of Posters

  • Year-round Awareness
  • Eye-catching
  • Efficient Presentation
  • Openly Demonstrates Commitment to Security

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