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Security Awareness Related Assessments - (SARA)

Most organizations test their security technology. But how many test their people and their physical environment? Security Awareness, Inc. is proud to offer our new Security Awareness Related Assessments (SARA).

This type of assessment will show you where your staff, processes, and physical security may be lacking. Typical services performed include:

  • Attempting unauthorized entry through tailgating or alternate entrances
  • Inventory of unsecured computers
  • Reporting computers left unattended and logged in
  • Discovery of sensitive materials left unsecured
  • Checking random workstations for security issues
  • Workspace examination for exposed passwords
  • Searching printer, fax and copier areas for confidential material
  • Examining trash bins and dumpsters for improperly discarded information
  • Random social engineering attempts
  • Data analysis
  • Report generation and recommendations

Contact an SAI representative today to discuss how security awareness related assessments will benefit your organization.

Benefits of a SARA report
  • Identify areas of weak security
  • Helps you develop new policies or procedures from findings
  • Determine current level of awareness
  • Provides focus areas for your awareness program
  • Provides a baseline for future measurement of your program

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